Baand Remote
Baand remote is a solution to how you interact with your connected television.
The internet has expanded as a medium, from being something happening on the desktop pc, to becoming mobile, to now being on the tv. But the way you interact with your tv is still through the 50 year old remote control where the only progression it has had is getting more and more buttons. It is this interaction and this user experience the Baand remote is trying to address.
The concept takes into account the frame of where the tv is in, just because you connect your tv to the internet doesn't mean it is a replacement for your computer or your other connected devices. But what it means is that you can find, get access to, consume and experience content in whole new way.
The baand remote is something meant to be an extension of that experience. Making the userexperinece of navigating and consuming the tv- and internet content something enjoyable, intuitive and simple, while still being flexible and universal enough to embrace all the different kinds of content the internet now provides

The way it works:
The remote is basically one big scrollwheel, so the way you navigate around is by scrolling. This gives a much more quick, fluid and direct feeling, so instead of going arrow up, arrow down, one step at the time, you glide through the interface in a fluid motion.
The baand remote only has three buttons; an enter button, a back button and a forward button. The rest happens through a screen on the baand remote, with it's UI mirrored on the tv. Here you will be presented with contextual options through an interface that changes based on what you are doing, with apps tailored for its purpose.
So instead of concentrating on interacting with the remote you can instead lean back and concentrate on the content.
MA project at Kolding School of design 2011. (The content on this page only represents a design concept and is not a real product).

An example of how the scrolling navigation works with the Baand remote.